Sustainable Energy

As independent experts, we define and deliver energy approach strategies that provide guidance on integration, innovation and technical options for developers and supply chain clients. Our advice considers the latest proven advances in energy generation along with the growing demand for solutions that minimise the impact on the planet.

Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Energy
The strategy

The Strategy

Our Smart Thinking Strategies provide a structured approach from initial project concept through to operation. The strategy, which aims to manage risk, reduce inefficiencies and accelerate implementation, considers a number of benefits, including:

Clean economic growth

  • local energy sector growth with local job opportunities.
  • transfer of the benefits of new energy technologies across sectors boosting productivity.

Housing growth and commercial site infrastructure

  • Ambitions for housing and commercial developments enabled by the grid.
  • New smart grid systems.

Local, affordable, cleaner

  • Increased energy efficiency and affordability to reduce fuel poverty.
  • Reduction in carbon emissions.
  • Improvement in air quality.

Clean transport networks

  • Support of transition to hybrid and fuel cell transportation.
  • Behavioural change and modal shift.

Our smart thinking strategies have been used for power station regenerations, oil ports and rail freight interchanges.

Energy is essential For development

and sustainable energy is essential for sustainable development


Community Energy Initiatives

Community energy initiatives can be transformative for commercial and residential developments which increasingly need to be greener and more sustainable with aspirations of achieving zero carbon. Community energy strategies can help build:

  • Stronger communities and partnerships with local authorities, businesses and other stakeholders
  • Community capability and capacity to help them gain more control over energy choices
  • Evidence bases of their achievements so that they can demonstrate the impact